I've been a season ticket holder with the Montreal Juniors Hockey Club ever since the franchise relocated from St. John's Newfoundland to Montreal back in 2008. For me, there's nothing better than to sit in an old barn of a hockey rink like the Verdun Auditorium, sip on a beer and enjoy a game of puck where the players fight for every inch of space without being paid millions of dollars to do so.

This blog was created in March 2010 after the desire to express my thoughts and opinions simply became too strong for me not to do this. I wanted to create a platform for Montreal / Junior hockey fans to follow the Montreal Juniors and have the ability to stay up-to-date with the team's weekly news. The idea was to write about the team and throw in my opinion every now and then.

With this blog, hockey fans can begin following the Montreal Juniors and feel relatively up to speed with all that has transpired since the franchise moved to Montreal back in 2008. If you look at my first few posts (see blog archive), you're able to read summaries of the team's first couple of years in Montreal. After that you'll notice that I've been writing about current events. Generally, the blog is updated every 5-8 days.

At the bottom of each entry you're able to post your comments and thoughts. I'd be interested to hear your feedback and create discussion among readers.

Should you wish to contact me, please write to hockeypoints@hotmail.com.