Friday, March 26, 2010


The Montreal Juniors will be looking to land a knock out punch on the Gatineau Olympiques tonight at the Verdun Auditorium.

The Juniors have played stellar hockey during the first four games of the series outscoring their opposition 14-9. A huge piece to that equation has been #19, right winger Trevor Parkes.

Parkes is making a good case for himself to get drafted by an NHL team this June. With 5 goals in 4 games played, he's delivering under the pressure of the playoffs. Furthermore, his play without the puck in all three zones has been impressive, allowing him to earn a plus/minus rating of +2. Throughout the season Parkes was listed at 6'1 and 180lbs but appears to have grown. He's throwing his body around without putting himself out of position and has become one of the Juniors' more physical players.

After the mid-term 2010 NHL draft ranking were released Parkes was ranked as the 206th best skater in North America, behind teammates Louis-Marc Aubry (ranked 89th) and Guillaume Asselin (ranked 191st). If Parkes continues to play the way he has, watch for him to move up in the rankings. He should easily drop under the 180 mark and may even slip into the top 150.

Keep an eye on this guy.


  1. what do you think of this list?

  2. Hmm. Interesting article. I'm not sure if Forbes is trying to rank these players based on their play in the Q this year or based on their potential to develop / make the NHL?

    It's not that bad of a list considering the list only includes wingers that have been drafted. But I'm shocked that Tomas Kubalik (Victriaville) is not in the top 7 or 8. He's a Blue Jackets draft pick. Chris Doyle (traded to Victoriaville this year) could also make the top 10 in my opinion. Ryan Bourque is mentioned. He's Rangers draft pick. Another guy I would include is Berube (power forward on Royun Noranda and a Devils draft pick). He should be mentioned as a 11-15 ranked player.

    Forbes' list based on.......? (I've added the player's Junior age):
    1. Kugryshev (WAS) - 19
    2. Deschamps (ANA) - 19
    3. Dumont (MTL) - 19
    4. Didomenico (TOR) - 20
    5. Cornet (EDM) - 19
    6. Stefanovich (TOR) - 20
    7. Petersen (PIT) - 20
    8. Caron (BOS) - 19
    9. G Bourque (NAS) - 19
    10. Legace (BUF) - 19
    HM: Ryan Bourque (NYR) - 18, Paquette (ATL) - 19, Nestrasil - (DET)

    Kugryshev is a very very good player and may have a chance to crack Washington's line-up one day. His problem is that WAS already have so much of what he brings to the table; Lots of skill and competitiveness. If Semin ever bolts for Russia (I'm betting on it), Kugryshev may have better odds to make the big club. Having said this, I think he's ranked too high but should be in the top 5.

    Deschamps is awesome and will have a serious chance to fill a second line role in ANA one day. He's actually a natural center but played wing for much of this year after he was dealt to Moncton. One of the best two way players in the Q and tied for the lead in league scoring.

    Dumont's ceiling is being a 2nd line player but he is much smaller than the average NHLer. Probably the hardest working player in the Q.

    Didomenico will always be viewed as a better junior player than a pro (just my guess). But I think he may be the most valuable player on Drummondville and that's saying a lot. Since the Leaf's stink he may one day have a chance to make that team. Skating isn't the best but he really has the smarts and work ethic + an incredible shot.

    Cornet. Not a huge fan of this guy. Barley notice him during games. In my opinion, just a very good Q player who has always played on good Q teams. I wouldn't have him on my top 10 list.

    Stefanovich. Not a fan of this guy either. Many compare him to Kugryshev but there is really no comparison. He's a floater. Again, maybe with Toronto he'll have a chance to play in the NHL....but I wouldn't bet on it. Wouldn't have him on my top 10 list either.

    Petersen. Smart player. Good leader, etc...He's probably where he belongs on this list.

    Caron. In terms of NHL potential, he should probably be among the top 3 or 4 players on this list. If you're rating his play this year, it's tough to say where he belongs. He started the year with injured status and was traded mid-way through the season. That's two major adjustments for a player to deal with. He'll need to become a bit more intense to truly succeed at the pro level.

    G. Bourque. You have to love this guy. He's a true team player. I see him becoming a Matt Cooke type player in the NHL. Same size, same heart, same talent / ability, skating, etc... Although I don't perceive him as a dirty player as some would consider Cooke.

    Legace. I've only seen him play once and I think he had an "off" night. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, since his numbers were pretty solid over the past two years. Although he did experience a huge drop in production after he was dealt to Cape Breton in January.

    Those are my thoughts.