Saturday, May 29, 2010


I thought this would interest all the video gamers out there....

Last week it was announced that EA Sports and the CHL reached an agreement to expand the depth of the NHL video game to include all three Canadian Junior hockey leagues, their teams and rosters. Gamers will now be able to play as their favorite CHL team in both the exhibition and season mode. NHL 2011 will be released in September and will include the CHL feature. Here's the press release:

This is a wise move by the CHL since many video gamers are kids and teens who also happen to be the core of the CHL's target fan base. The game will act as yet another tool for the CHL and it's teams to connect with their audience.

I've fallen off the video game scene since my mid-teens but I have to admit that I'll probably hit up a store to buy the game. After I win the Presidents Cup (playing as the Montreal Juniors of course) I'll place the game back in it's package and store it on my video game shelf, right next to EA Sports NHL '93, the greatest hockey video game of all-time!

Speaking of NHL '93.....I'm a believer that, like cars, they don't make video games like they used to. Here are the top 5 reasons why NHL '93 rocks:

5. You can play as vintage teams (Hartford / Quebec / Winnipeg) - just classic;

4. Dangling with Gretzky and Lemieux's skills - keeping their dominance alive;

3. Getting punched by your buddy after using the classicaly cheap "wrap around" glitch move against him;

2. Being able to watch Marty McSorley fight Bob Probert over, over and over again;

1. Nothing beats playing as the Habs' Stanley Cup winning roster;

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